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Tewaterlating 21 december 2004 ✉

Nieuws van Smit

SMIT is pleased to announce the addition of a further two large vessels to its anchor handling and tug fleet. We believe our clients should have the very best equipment available and we have no hesitation in offering these fine vessels to the market.

'Union Sovereign' (Imo 9262742) and 'Union Princess' (Imo 9242766) are rated at 180 tonnes bollard pull. The vessels are managed from our Antwerp office and are manned by well trained, highly experienced crews with excellent SHE-Q records.

These powerful anchorhandling/tugs are ideal for:
* SPM and FPSO towage and installation.
Handling wires and anchors at deepwater locations (Stevpris and Delta flipper anchors may be handled).
* DP options for survey and Work Class ROV tasks: subsea inspection, trenching and positioning operations (spars, TLPs, etc).
* Offshore wind energy - towage and installation.
* Barge-handling and assistance in the field.
* Long-haul ocean towage.
* Salvage-related tasks. The addition of Union Sovereign and Union Princess brings our total anchorhandling fleet to 16 vessels (including four exceeding 150 tbp).

We have attached a preliminary data sheet for 'Union Sovereign'
and 'Union Princess'. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a more detailed briefing.

History: The anchorhandling tugs are the former 'Anglian Princess' and
'Anglian Sovereign' from J.P.Knight. The Princess, UT719-Y design,
was launched on 20th August 2001 by Yantai Raffles Shipyard Co Ltd"
at Yantai; China and delivered in July 2002 to Klyne Marine Services Ltd
and managed by KTL - Klyne Tugs (Lowestoft) Ltd - at Lowestoft; UK.

The Sovereign, UT719-T design, was built in 2003 by Yantai Raffles
Shipyard – Shandong; China and delivered 19th August 2003 to
Klyne Marine Services Ltd and managed by KTL - Klyne Tugs
(Lowestoft) Ltd - Lowestoft; UK, for service with the UK Maritime
& Coastguard Agency. Both tugs has the same propulsion system
two V16cyl Wärtsilä type 16V-32LND of 16,314bhp-12000kW total
a speed of 12/17kn and a bollard pull of 180t.
They have a length of 67.40 mtrs a beam of 15.50 mtrs and a depth
of 7.50 mtrs.

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