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Brand in machinekamer en bovenbouw

Bouwjaar 1975, imonummer 7420948, grt 918
Eigenaar B.V. Zeelichter Thames II, Rotterdam
Manager International Shipbrokers Ltd.
Gebouwd Scheepswerf G. Bijlsma & Zn. B.V., Wartena / 596
LxBxH 65.69 x 10.83 x 4.88 meter
Vermogen 1150 pk, snelheid 12.0 knoop, roepsein PIPA, opgeleverd 12-1975

11-7-1997 verkocht Labrador Shipping Ltd., Kingstown-St. Vincent & the Grenadines,
in beheer bij Anglo Dutch Management Services Ltd., herdoopt ELM

26-8-1999 verkocht aan Shada Cargo Shipping Inc., Panama, herdoopt SHADA LINE

9-6-2003 (e) verkocht aan Express Cargo S. de R.L.,
Port au Prince, Haïti, vlag Honduras, herdoopt VIRGIN EXPRESS

5-9-2005 (e) verkocht aan Virgin Express I Overseas Corp.,
vlag Panama, herdoopt VIRGIN EXPRESS I

3-3-2006 (e) vlag Cook Islands, herdoopt VIRGIN EXPRESS

6-2009 (e) verkocht aan Rubicon Shipping Ltd., Cook Islands,
in beheer bij Maritime Shipping Management, Santo Domingo,
6-7-2009 (e) herdoopt FORTUNE

10-2010 onder de Boliviaanse vlag gebracht, roepsein CPB865

5-2011 verkocht aan onbekende koper, vlag onbekend
2011 herdoopt DON PEDRO

4-2015 vlag Sao Tome and Principe, roepsein S9B15

2-2016 herdoopt CASANOVA

10-2016 lag te Barranquilla met thuishaven en vlag Barranquilla-Colombia

Informatietip John Leijnse

14 november 2013 als DON PEDRO bij Colon, Panama

© Jan Scheurwater

Fire gutted laid up cargo ship

In the afternoon of Nov 14, 2016, at 1.30 p.m. a fire broke out in the engine room of the "Casanova" ex "Don Pedro", which was docked at the Palermo Sociedad Portuaria Multi-Purpose Terminal in Barranquilla since more than one year

Locals residents reported the fire which emerged at starboard side to the authorities, but there was little the fire fighters could do, as the fire quickly spread to the accomaodation, and the whole superstructure was already engulfed in flames

The fire fighters waited until the fire burned out
The superstructure was destroyed
The one man maintenance crew on board was safe (VT)

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General cargo vessel Casanova burning in Colombia

The general cargo vessel Casanova caught fire in engine room at the dock
in Barranquilla area, Colombia

The vessel was laid-up with one maintenance crew on board,
but after short circuit in diesel generator inflamed

The fire spread from the engine compartment and engulfed the whole superstructure
The accident was reported to the local authorities and the maintenance crew on board was evacuated

The flames almost completely damaged the whole accommodation area, bridge and engine compartment
The firefighters waited until fire burned out
No additional information on oil leaks, water pollution or injuries was reported

The vessel is docked at eastern coast of Colombia in Barranquilla area since August 2016
The vessel was laid-off and listed for sale until finding a new owner

The destiny of the ship is unknown after the fire,
as most of the engineering and superstructure were completely damaged

The authorities started investigation for the root cause and circumstances around the fire

The general cargo ship Casanova (IMO: 7420948) has overall length of 65.00 m,
moulded beam of 11.00 m and maximum draft of 4.50 m
The deadweight of the vessel is 1,450 DWT and the gross tonnage is 959 GRT
The ship was built in 1975 by Bijlsma and Zonen shipyard in Wartena, Netherlands

Bron Maritime Herald, 15-11-2016 na tip Teun van der Zee

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