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Nederlandse zeeschip in de problemen na uitval motor

"Lady Alida" distressed off Gwennap Head

Lifeboat crews have been taking part in a major rescue operation since the early hours
of March 20, 2017, after the "Lady Alida" suffered a complete engine failure enroute
from Terneuzen to Waterford with a cargo of sand

The Penlee Lifeboat and Sennen RNLI were called to the position three miles south of
Gwennap Head, in the parish of St. Levan, to assist the seven crew members onboard

At 3.20 a.m., at the request of HM Coastguard, Falmouth, the all-weather
lifeboat "Ivan Ellen" was launched from Newlyn

The lifeboat was alongside the "Lady Alida" just 25 minutes after launching and immediately attached a towing wire

The vessel was towed southwards to safer waters at one knot and was then joined by the Sennen Lifeboat "City of London III" which also attached a tow rope

The initial plan was to tow her to Mount's Bay for a safe anchorage but due to the
strong SW wind of six Beaufort it was difficult for the lifeboat to turn the vessel

The HM Coastguard at Falmouth agreed that the "Lady Alida" could anchor in deeper waters south of Gwennap Head to await the assistance of a tug

The tug is now on route from Falmouth with an ETA of 7 hours

The lifeboat remained on stand-by with a strong likelihood that she will relaunch when
the tug has arrived on scene

The "Ivan Ellen" was relaunched from Newlyn and was making her way back
to the "Lady Alida" after she started dragging her anchor, and the lifeboat was to standby with a tow rope until the tug has arrived which may take seven hours


Lady Alida towed to Falmouth - RNLI did great job

On March 21 around 2.30 a.m. the "Lady Alida" was towed into the port of Falmouth and docked at the A&P Falmouth Shipyard for inspections and repairs

Before, the Penlee and Sennen Cove lifeboats had spent 11 hrs at sea on March 20 assisting the vessel which had suffered engine failure three miles south of Gwennap Head at 3 a.m. and with a strong SW force 6 wind it had started to drift towards the shore

Bron Pirate FM News via Marcel Coster

Eerder bij aankomst te IJmuiden onderweg naar de Zuidersluis
met latere bestemming Rijksbinnenhaven 3

Bouwjaar 2016, imonummer 9760380, grt 2544
Beheermaatschappij Lady Alida B.V., Bruinisse / J. de Waal & P. van Dijk
Manager Wijnne Barends B.V., Delfzijl
Gebouwd Groningen Shipyards, Waterhuizen / 159
LxBxH 84.98 x 13.35 x 7.73 meter
Vermogen 1015 pk, snelheid 10.0 knoop, roepsein PBFF

Marcel Coster