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5 bemanningsleden Nederlands zeeschip gered na vollopen machinekamer met water

Guardian abandoned after water ingress

Five persons were rescued from the 'Guardian' by a Sea King helicopter at Storfosna
in the municipality of Ørland on June 29, 2017, at 1.30 p.m.

The ship had run onto a subsea skirt, and the engine room rapidly filled with water

After the Mayday call also a lifeboat and the 'Scan Tank'
as well as the 'Hellem Jr.' went to assist

When they arrived, the crew already had boarded a life raft from which they were picked up by the rescue helicopter which took them to the Sea King base on Ørland

The lifeboat tried to dewater the "Guardian" and keep it from sinking
There was also a little oil spills, so the Coastal Administration was notified

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