Nieuws en foto's over de Nederlandse zeescheepvaart
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Nederlands zeeschip heeft een lek bij motorkoppeling hoofdmotor

Leak at engine coupling

The 'Moseldijk', en route from Ghent to Cork, with a crew of seven on board,
reported a small leak and a need to change a rubber coupling on the main engine
in position 50 59 50.0 N, 001 02 01.8 E, on June 8, 2018, at 6.45 p.m.

Subsequently, the vessel left the Strait of Dover Traffic Separation Scheme and headed
to Dungeness East Road Anchorage to carry out repairs

The ship was loaded with 3,508 tons of fertiliser, along with 55 tons bunker fuel

On June 9 at 2.50 a.m. the vessel has completed its repair works
and passed the CS2 buoy, under its own power

The Dover Coastguard monitored the ship until it had passed the Greenwich light vessel

The 'Moseldijk' berthed in Cork on June 10 at 5 p.m. / bron:

Bouwjaar 2009, imonummer 9377913, grt 2967
Eigenaar Beheermaatschappij ms Moseldijk B.V., Groningen
Manager Navigia Shipmanagement B.V., Groningen
Gebouwd Chowgule & Company Pvt Ltd., Goa, India / 186
LxBxH 89.95 x 14.40 x 7.35 meter
Motor MAK 6M25 (255x400) 1980 kW, snelheid 11.5 knoop, roepnaam PBWK

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