Nieuws en foto's over de Nederlandse zeescheepvaart
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Nederlands zeeschip aan de grond gelopen in het Kattegat, Zweden

Dutch cargo ship hard aground in Kattegat, Sweden

General cargo ship BBC LAGOS ran aground south of Helsinborg, Sweden, Kattegat,
at around 2130 UTC Aug 3, on a sandbank, while passing Kattegat in western direction,
en route from Klaipeda (Lithuania) to Las Palmas (Spain)

Judging from AIS, the ship ran aground while sailing at full speed,
so she should be hard aground, apparently it was a navigational error,
the ship didn’t change course and sailed straight ahead towards the coast -

Drunken master ran ship aground off Sweden

Shortly after 11 p.m. the Maritime and Air Rescue Center remarked that the ship
was sailing on a wrong course and repeatedly called it over radio
Also a pilot boat tried to get in touch with the vessel

They got no response and at 11:30 pm the ship ran aground pos. 56° 0.10' N 012° 43.03' E

When the Swedish authorities boarded after the grounding,
it was clear that the ship's captain was heavily intoxicated
He was arrested for drunken sailing

Update 5 augustus 2018

Svitzer Hermod to refloat grounded vessel

The sakvage plan presented by the shipping company and the insurance company of the 'BBC Lagos' has now been approved, which meant that the work to refloat the vesselwill start in the afternoon of Aug 5

The conditions were favourable to pull the ship off the beach without the threat of an oil spill

Higher water levels were expected at the grounding site in the afternoon,
which supports the work
Anti pollution resources were in place to handle any oil spill

Tugboats are expected to take place during the day
and then begin the work to get rid of the ship

The Danish tug 'Svitzer Hermod' was called from Helsingborg to carry out the salvage
Also on scene were the Coastguard vessels 'KBV 034' and 'KBV 432' - bron

Bouwjaar 2012, imonummer 9570668, grt 7138
Eigenaar Flinter Tide N.V., St. John's
Manager Duo Ship B.V., Farmsum / MF Shipping Group
Gebouwd Dongfang Anhui Zongyang Shipyard Ltd. / DF 80-11
LxBxH 130,25 x 16,50 x 11,50 meter
Motorvermogen 4147 epk, snelheid 14,5 knoop, roepsein V2QI9

Voormalige FLINTER TIDE van Flinter Tide N.V., St. John's / Flinter Management B.V.

11-2016 manager gewijzigd, 10-12-2016 herdoopt BBC LAGOS

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